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Roofer in Cambridge

Old wooden roofline replaced with new uPVC

Case Study

Date: 8th June 2022
Location: Cambridge
Problem: Squirrels damaging fascias and soffits.
Solution: New uPVC fascias, soffits and guttering fitted.

This customer had several repairs done to her wooden fascias because squirrels kept chewing through them. After years of having them repaired and painted, it became clear that this approach was no longer cost-effective.

So instead, the team replaced all the wooden roofline with new uPVC fascias and soffits, together with new guttering.

We also supplied and installed scaffolding along the full length of the property, down the side and across the front. 

The work took four days to complete.

Here's what the customer said:

My guttering and fascia boards had needed doing for years, and water was coming in through a chimney where a pot was missing, and the rendering had cracked up. Because of the fascias being so rotten, squirrels kept gnawing their way through it to get into my loft. Then I'd have to pay to get them out again and do small repairs. So the time had come ... I was worried about finding honest traders who would do a good job (one of the reasons I'd been putting off the work - how do you know?), so I was delighted when a friend recommended Browns Roofing. They came to have a look and gave me a quote on the spot. A general building company who had done my bathroom had lost their assessor, so I just went ahead with Browns. Because of rain they couldn't start the work the first day, but the next day they got cracking and worked straight through to finish the work in four days. I am DELIGHTED! They worked round my plants as best they could, were always friendly and lovely to have around, noise and mess were kept to a minimum, and they liaised well with my neighbours (who allowed them to stabilize the scaffolding in their garden). At various points they sent me pictures of what they found when they got up there, and of the work they did to fix it. They cleared all the mess and left everything beautifully tidy. The final result is AMAZING - my house, which had started to look a bit tired with the old fascia boards, now looks sturdy and well looked after. I cannot thank Eli and his team enough. Really, if you need work done on your roof, you need to consider Browns Roofing. I cannot recommend them strongly enough! Thank you, guys! :-)

Jeannet W June 2022



Roofer -fascias, soffits, guttering
Roofer -fascias, soffits, guttering
Roofer -fascias, soffits, guttering
Roofer -fascias, soffits, guttering
Roofer -fascias, soffits, guttering

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