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Do You Need to Replace your Guttering? Look Out For These 7 Telltale Signs

When was the last time you checked your gutters or even gave them a second thought? The condition of your roof’s gutters may well be the last thing on your mind. However, do not underestimate their importance.

When working properly, they re-direct rainwater and water from melting snow and ice safely away from your home, preventing costly water damage.

So, what happens when they stop working? Rot, mould, pest problems and roof damage are likely to occur.

As with most things in life, prevention is better than cure. Regular gutter cleaning and inspection will prevent many of the more serious problems, but nonetheless, there will come a time when your old guttering needs replacing. Here's what to look out for.

  1. Cracks and splits
    Look out for splits and cracks in the plastic. Large breaks should be dealt with immediately, but even small cracks shouldn’t be ignored. Inevitably, they will grow bigger overtime. This is especially so during colder weather when water turns to ice inside the fractures,. This causes them to expand and grow longer.
  2. Overflowing water
    If you notice your gutters overflowing but water still flowing from the downpipe, this may indicate that either the gutters are not angled properly, have not been installed correctly or are just too narrow for the property.
  3. Peeling paint
    If you have galvanised steel gutters, they will be protected from water penetration by a special coating. When this paint starts to flake and peel, it’s an indication that water has managed to get through to the metal. Look out also for signs of rust.
  4. Water damage around or beneath the gutters
    Can you see signs of water damage underneath and around the gutters? You may spot water stains, mould and/or peeling paint on the exterior walls.  These are all signs that your gutters may need replacing sooner rather than later.
  5. Sagging gutters
    Are your gutters sagging or pulling away from your fascias? This could be down to incorrect gutter sizing or not enough support from the gutter hangers (possibly spaced too far apart).

    Another common cause is a build up of debris (e.g. mud and leaves). This accumulation can be very heavy and weigh down your gutters. This can be rectified by having your gutters professional cleaned and may not result in the need for new guttering.
  6. Unexplained nails or screws
    If these are found in the vicinity of your guttering, it may be that the gutters are working themselves loose.
  7. Foundation issues
    If over time moisture from faulty guttering seeps into the ground around and underneath your home, it can be absorbed into your home’s foundation.  This can cause shifting and cracks may appear.

If you need your guttering inspected, cleaned or think it may need replacing, contact Browns Roofing for a fast, free no obligation quote


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